Sewer Line Bayside

The old cast iron sewer pipe we are replacing was camera’d a month ago when we had the blockages. Although it was cleared out, the video showed it to be constricted with minerals and even had some landscape roots protruding into thin parts of the pipe wall. It’s better to replace it now than to have flushings hang up and plug it up again.

Afterwards, we will get the sidewalk fixed ASAP.

On Monday, January 8, Pro Tech Plumbing will be excavating “by hand
a section of the underground sewer line near Unit 111.

On Tuesday, the 9th beginning at 8AM, the sewer line will be replaced. At such time please refrain from using the water in your unit.

The work will begin at 8 AM and we are asking everyone in the 3 bayside buildings to not flush your toilets, take a shower, or run water in your bath or kitchen sinks during the repairs (Tuesday). The work should be completed by the end of the day and I will notify everyone when you can use water in your unit. During the day please feel free to use the restroom at the pool deck.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Ed W