On Southwest Florida’s hurricane evacuation zone map, each color corresponds with a letter:

  • A is Red, the most vulnerable and the first to be impacted. Red can be seen all along the coast and in some waterways.
  • B is Orange. That covers the North Naples area as well as places like Pelican Marsh and Pine Manor.
  • C is Yellow. Areas like Heritage Palms fall in that zone.
  • D is Green, where you can see we see the Six-Mile Cypress slough preserve, prairie pines reserve area
  • E is Purple, the least vulnerable area, places like Immokalee, and Golden Gate.

Every hurricane is different. Based on the intensity of the storm and the site of its landfall, even the purple sections of the map can feel many of the storm’s effects.

For those traveling north, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge (Tampa/St Pete)will be shut down as long as winds range from 50 to 60 mph.

Click the image for an interactive Zone Map courtesy of Collier County.

Image and text courtesy of WINK news.